Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution with These Paint Colors

New Year’s Resolutions18 will be here in several days. What are your resolutions? Do you plan on losing weight, learning a new skill, or paying off debt? Regardless of your goals, you should add residential interior painting to the list. Believe it or not, some paint colors help with New Year’s Resolution goals.

For Weight Loss

Want to shed a few pounds so you can fit into that pair of skinny jeans? Consider painting the kitchen with colors like pale green or sunshine blue. These calmer tones invoke a sense of lightness and help prevent overeating.

On the other hand, consider red if you’re actually trying to gain weight. Perhaps you’re trying to gain muscle weight or have a son bulking up for JV football. Red stimulates appetite. Continue Reading →

The Best Cleaning Methods for Painted Walls

cleaning painted wallsCleaning a wall seems simple enough. All you need is a towel or sponge and a cleaning agent, right? Well, kind of; the best cleaning method for painted walls actually depends on the paint type. The following techniques apply to both exterior and interior paint.

Cleaning Methods According to Paint Type

Walls with Latex Paint

Create a solution consisting of water and a nonabrasive all-purpose cleaner. Remove dust using a vacuum soft brush. When the wall is clear, lightly dip a sponge in the solution and gently wipe the wall. This method is great for removing fingerprints. Continue Reading →

Renovate Your Walls with Negative Rag Painting

negative rag paintingMore homeowners are gravitating towards creative wall designs, such as stenciled patterns. Do you want a more unique design for an accent, or even all four walls? One consideration is negative rag painting. We are seeing more requests for this in our local residential painting projects.

What Is Negative Rag Painting?

Negative rag painting goes by several names, including rag rolling, rag faux painting, cloth distressing, and cheeseclothing. These all, more or less, refer to the same technique. Continue Reading →

Painting Before or After Moving In: Which is Better?

Painting Before or After MovingSo, you just bought a new home in Everett. Obviously, much needs to be done. You may also discover that the interior needs a touchup. In this case, should you schedule painting before or after moving in?

Painting Before Or After Moving In

A time gap often exists between the previous owner’s departure and the new owner’s arrival. The latter may use that timeframe to paint the home or complete other remodeling work.

The Advantages of Painting Before Moving In

The biggest advantage is not having to move any furniture around since much of the interior is still empty. You don’t have to move furniture into the patio or haul that antique piano into the garage. This makes your job easier. Personally, this is also what our residential painters prefer since they’ll have more maneuverability. Continue Reading →

K-12 Classroom Color Schemes

classroom color schemesSchool will be back in session soon. School administrators should make last minute preparations to ensure an optimal learning environment. One way to do this is by choosing optimal classroom color schemes. Yes, the colors of the walls impact a student’s ability to concentrate and learn.

Top Classroom Color Schemes

Our commercial painters renovate classrooms all the time for K-12 school systems. Color schemes often differ depending on the grade level. For instance, we recommend yellow for kindergarten or preschool. Children ages five and below respond well to yellow and other bright colors.

For first grade and above, we recommend light shades of blue or green. These hues minimize distraction and stress while taking notes.

Aside from paint, we also suggest adding furniture that matches the wall color. Light-colored natural wood is a good choice. You can also go green by adding more windows or a skylight. This provides ample lighting that really brings out the vibrant color of the walls. Continue Reading →

Create a Mood Board to Inspire Your Next Painting Project

mood boardThe summer is the ideal time of year to schedule an interior home painting renovation. If you’re unsure about a color scheme, then we suggest creating a mood board to ignite your imagination. We’ll provide some tips on how to create a compelling mood board that inspires creativity.

What Is a Mood Board?

A mood board, or vision board, is popular among entrepreneurs and artists. It’s basically a display board filled with drawings, photos, and magazine cutouts. The idea is to include images that you find inspirational.

What to Include in a Mood Board

For home renovation, we recommend a single magazine cutout or online printout of a home interior that resonates with your heart.

Alternatively, you can use an image of a natural scenery. From here, add supplementary images similar in style or color scheme. Continue Reading →

The Best Room to Paint if You Can Only Paint One Room

best room to paintMost homeowners don’t have a budget that allows for a whole home renovation. Some can only remodel one room, at least for the time being. This leads to our topic of the month: If you can only paint one room, then which is the best room to paint?

Best Room to Paint if You Can Only Paint One

The Living Room

The living room is the obvious choice, since it’s often the center of activity, and it’s the biggest. This is also the room where all the others converge. The living room is also the main hub. Once you paint this room, you can better decide on a complementary color for the other rooms in the future.

On a side note, for businesses that can only paint one section, our commercial painters recommend wherever the main area of activity may be. This may be the lobby, front entrance, reception area, lounge, etc. These areas are the equivalent of a residential space’s living room.


Some people treat the kitchen as the center of the home. This is especially the case for larger kitchens with an island. Deciding to paint the kitchen also gives you some advantages. With more distinguishing components, such as the backsplash and cabinets, you have more room for experimenting with different colors or tone-on-tone palette schemes. You can even grace one section of the backsplash or cabinet door with idea paint for leaving a note or jotting down recipes.

Master Bedroom

The bedroom is where you set the tone for the day. Some children even spend the bulk of the day in their parents’ bedroom where they do their homework while watching television. If this is the main room of gathering, then make it priority for a painting project.

We’ll Paint One Room or the Whole Home

Summer is the ideal time of year for a painting renovation. Call Suburban Painting services to schedule an appointment. Based on your home’s interior layout, we can recommend the best room to paint if you can only paint one room.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Single-Room or Whole-House Painting

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Choose Paint Colors Using Echo Coloring Theory

Choosing a paint color is a simple yet often difficult decision. The final result, after all, is one you will likely live with for many years. You can choose a color scheme based on personal preference. Or you can go with one that matches the furnishings. You can also select a scheme based on the echo coloring theory.

Echo Coloring

What Is the Echo Coloring Theory?

Echo coloring is a color scheme consisting of two to four similar hues differing only in shade. Essentially, you stick to these colors for the entire room. Since the colors are similar, they create a seamless transition, or echo-like effect for the eyes.

The echo coloring theory has become a popular trend in many residential painting projects. It is more or less the same as a tone-on-tone color scheme. Echo coloring, however, refers to the project as a whole. It also includes the finishing touches, such as adding additional decor to complement the completed work.

Echo coloring also differs in the following: the colors used do not have to be of the same pigment as long as they contain a trace of the original hue. In other words, if you select blue, other selected colors can include green, gray, or even white as long as those colors contain some degree of blue in the mixture.

What We Recommend

Use echo coloring for the walls and any woodwork, such as the railings or crown moldings. This produces a monochromatic effect that exudes a soothing vibe. If you feel echo coloring doesn’t provide enough contrast, then introduce color varieties through decor. This may include artwork for the walls, or ceramics for the floating shelves. The upholstery can come into play as well, especially if you place the furniture against the painted areas.

We’ll Select the Best Color Combination

We have implemented this type of color scheme for both residential and commercial painting projects. We have even used it in conjunction with idea painting. Contact Suburban Painting Services for a consultation to see how echo coloring can be used to renovate your home.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Color Scheme Recommendations from the Pros

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Add Life to Your Home by Painting the Floor

Painting the Floor│ Everett │ Suburban Painting ServicesResidential painting is not just limited to the walls and ceiling. Most homeowners never think about painting the floor as a viable renovation idea. We tackle floor painting quite often and can recommend color and design ideas. With the obvious exception of the carpet, all floor types can be painted.

Floor Types

  • Wood—Some homeowners opt to paint their wooden floors since it’s more cost-effective than having the entire surface refinished.
  • Concrete—concrete has a cold and industrial feel. A colorful paint job gives it a warmer and cozier feel. Our commercial painters have painted warehouse floors to make the work environment feel more welcoming and less industrial.
  • Tile—homeowners may paint the kitchen or bathroom floor as part of a bigger remodeling project.

Continue Reading →

Best Colors for Painting a Mudroom

painting a mudroomThe mudroom may simply be the entryway, or it may be a completely separate section of the house. In any case, it’s an area designated for storing your shoes, umbrellas, or other items you might want to grab before walking out the door. The colors for painting a mudroom should consist of hues that create a warm and inviting ambiance.

For the Ceilings and Walls

We recommend light colors. Any shade of white will actually work well here. This gives the small area a more spacious and clean appearance. This is a big advantage since mudrooms can easily become cluttered with dirty shoes and clothing. Blue tints and creamy hues are some other good options. We also recommend that you use high-gloss or varnish paint finishes, because these hold up well to repeated cleanings and scrubbings.

The mudroom, by the way, is also the perfect area for idea paint, especially the wall with the door. Scribble a quick note or “xoxo” message before heading out. Continue Reading →