Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution with These Paint Colors

New Year’s Resolutions18 will be here in several days. What are your resolutions? Do you plan on losing weight, learning a new skill, or paying off debt? Regardless of your goals, you should add residential interior painting to the list. Believe it or not, some paint colors help with New Year’s Resolution goals.

For Weight Loss

Want to shed a few pounds so you can fit into that pair of skinny jeans? Consider painting the kitchen with colors like pale green or sunshine blue. These calmer tones invoke a sense of lightness and help prevent overeating.

On the other hand, consider red if you’re actually trying to gain weight. Perhaps you’re trying to gain muscle weight or have a son bulking up for JV football. Red stimulates appetite.

For an Active Lifestyle

Do you plan on exercising more right in your living room? Maybe you plan on converting a spare room into a home gym. Add more bold colors, which generate feelings of vitality and power. Red is a good choice but may be a little overwhelming. A more suitable option may be vivid purple or sunny yellow. You may also use red for one wall and a lighter shade for the others.

For Reducing Stress

Was 2017 a stressful year for you? 2018 is a time to start fresh and cut yourself some slack. To reduce stress, incorporate colors of nature for steadying the nerves. Consider green, blue, brown, and beige. These colors are also suitable for commercial painting. You can use these colors for the office to reduce stress among your staff.

We’ll Incorporate Paint Colors for Your New Year’s Resolution

Your first task for 2018? Contact Suburban Painting Services to begin renovation on your home or office. New paint colors help with New Year’s Resolutions, so make this a priority to ensure you don’t quit on your goals.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

Interior Painting for the New Year

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