Renovate Your Walls with Negative Rag Painting

negative rag paintingMore homeowners are gravitating towards creative wall designs, such as stenciled patterns. Do you want a more unique design for an accent, or even all four walls? One consideration is negative rag painting. We are seeing more requests for this in our local residential painting projects.

What Is Negative Rag Painting?

Negative rag painting goes by several names, including rag rolling, rag faux painting, cloth distressing, and cheeseclothing. These all, more or less, refer to the same technique.

To employ this technique, the painter uses a number of instruments, such as a rag, cheesecloth, or newspaper. Any object that doesn’t produce lint suffices. When the paint is still fresh after a paint job, use the chosen material to dab at the paint to remove some of the wet glaze. This reveals some of the base color underneath.

You can achieve a number of beautiful designs depending on the specific material and dabbing technique. Click here for an example of a rag-painted wall. The design may follow a pattern or be completely random.

For best results, we recommend using a darker shade over a lighter, same- tone color. This creates a dramatic yet elegant finish. Some painters who use this technique even create the look of aged leather.

Rag Painting Hides Blemishes

We may recommend rag painting for our clients if their walls have clear signs of blemishes, particularly cracks, scratches, bumpy areas and other uneven surfaces. Rag painting does a good job of hiding such imperfections, especially if you follow the above recommendation to use a darker shade.

We Create Elegant Interior Walls

Negative rag painting also makes a great decorative style for commercial facilities. Call Suburban Painting Services to give your walls an elegant and less conventional flair. Contact us regarding negative rag painting and other styles that are trending among Everett homes and businesses.

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