Painting Before or After Moving In: Which is Better?

Painting Before or After MovingSo, you just bought a new home in Everett. Obviously, much needs to be done. You may also discover that the interior needs a touchup. In this case, should you schedule painting before or after moving in?

Painting Before Or After Moving In

A time gap often exists between the previous owner’s departure and the new owner’s arrival. The latter may use that timeframe to paint the home or complete other remodeling work.

The Advantages of Painting Before Moving In

The biggest advantage is not having to move any furniture around since much of the interior is still empty. You don’t have to move furniture into the patio or haul that antique piano into the garage. This makes your job easier. Personally, this is also what our residential painters prefer since they’ll have more maneuverability.

In addition, the painters won’t be in the way of your daily affairs. A full crew coming in and out of the home can certainly distract your children from doing their homework or your spouse from preparing dinner.

The Advantages of Painting After Moving In

Some homeowners choose to paint the home after moving in. This can be advantageous as well. For starters, you have a better idea of how colors will match up to the furniture and surroundings. Homeowners often test colors by painting a small sample on the wall. Doing this in an empty room doesn’t give you a very good picture of what the finished project will look like.

We’ll Paint Before or After

As with homeowners, business owners also have the option of painting their store/shop before or after opening for service. Our knowledgeable commercial painters have helped many Everett businesses renovate their interior. Whether you decide painting before or after moving in is best, contact Suburban Painting Services to schedule a consultation.

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