K-12 Classroom Color Schemes

classroom color schemesSchool will be back in session soon. School administrators should make last minute preparations to ensure an optimal learning environment. One way to do this is by choosing optimal classroom color schemes. Yes, the colors of the walls impact a student’s ability to concentrate and learn.

Top Classroom Color Schemes

Our commercial painters renovate classrooms all the time for K-12 school systems. Color schemes often differ depending on the grade level. For instance, we recommend yellow for kindergarten or preschool. Children ages five and below respond well to yellow and other bright colors.

For first grade and above, we recommend light shades of blue or green. These hues minimize distraction and stress while taking notes.

Aside from paint, we also suggest adding furniture that matches the wall color. Light-colored natural wood is a good choice. You can also go green by adding more windows or a skylight. This provides ample lighting that really brings out the vibrant color of the walls.

Whatever color you choose, avoid high-gloss paint. The glare off the walls can be a distraction.

What About Idea Paint?

Instead of a conventional chalkboard, why not consider turning an entire wall into a writing surface? You can do this with idea paint. This creates far more space for writing down lesson plans, math equations, etc. Some schools have even used idea paint on the desks and cabinet doors. Teachers have responded positively to idea paint and swear by it for cultivating a dynamic learning environment.

Renovate the Classrooms Before School Is in Session

Call Suburban Painting Services before the new school year commences. We don’t just do residential painting. We also tackle classrooms for both public and private schools as well as universities. Certain classroom color schemes do shape how students absorb information.

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