Create a Mood Board to Inspire Your Next Painting Project

mood boardThe summer is the ideal time of year to schedule an interior home painting renovation. If you’re unsure about a color scheme, then we suggest creating a mood board to ignite your imagination. We’ll provide some tips on how to create a compelling mood board that inspires creativity.

What Is a Mood Board?

A mood board, or vision board, is popular among entrepreneurs and artists. It’s basically a display board filled with drawings, photos, and magazine cutouts. The idea is to include images that you find inspirational.

What to Include in a Mood Board

For home renovation, we recommend a single magazine cutout or online printout of a home interior that resonates with your heart.

Alternatively, you can use an image of a natural scenery. From here, add supplementary images similar in style or color scheme.

You can also go beyond “flat” art and use three-dimensional items, such as a decorated piece of tile, or a piece of lace fabric.

In place of using pre-existing images, you can even draw the entire depiction onto the wall if you happen to have idea paint.

Why Mood Boards Are Helpful

Look at the mood board you just created. Do the images and associated colors evoke any type of feelings? Also, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to go with the main color you used for the board. Perhaps the images include a lot of light blue shades, and that makes you feel cozy and grounded. In that case, go with blue paint, while using an “earthy” tone like a brown shade for a designated accent wall. Why? Because earth colors are associated with a sense of being grounded and safe.

We’ll Use Whatever Color Combination You Decide

Suburban Painting Services recommends mood boards for both residential and commercial painting projects. A mood board helps give you ideas that you may have otherwise never thought of.
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