The Best Room to Paint if You Can Only Paint One Room

best room to paintMost homeowners don’t have a budget that allows for a whole home renovation. Some can only remodel one room, at least for the time being. This leads to our topic of the month: If you can only paint one room, then which is the best room to paint?

Best Room to Paint if You Can Only Paint One

The Living Room

The living room is the obvious choice, since it’s often the center of activity, and it’s the biggest. This is also the room where all the others converge. The living room is also the main hub. Once you paint this room, you can better decide on a complementary color for the other rooms in the future.

On a side note, for businesses that can only paint one section, our commercial painters recommend wherever the main area of activity may be. This may be the lobby, front entrance, reception area, lounge, etc. These areas are the equivalent of a residential space’s living room.


Some people treat the kitchen as the center of the home. This is especially the case for larger kitchens with an island. Deciding to paint the kitchen also gives you some advantages. With more distinguishing components, such as the backsplash and cabinets, you have more room for experimenting with different colors or tone-on-tone palette schemes. You can even grace one section of the backsplash or cabinet door with idea paint for leaving a note or jotting down recipes.

Master Bedroom

The bedroom is where you set the tone for the day. Some children even spend the bulk of the day in their parents’ bedroom where they do their homework while watching television. If this is the main room of gathering, then make it priority for a painting project.

We’ll Paint One Room or the Whole Home

Summer is the ideal time of year for a painting renovation. Call Suburban Painting services to schedule an appointment. Based on your home’s interior layout, we can recommend the best room to paint if you can only paint one room.

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