Choose Paint Colors Using Echo Coloring Theory

Choosing a paint color is a simple yet often difficult decision. The final result, after all, is one you will likely live with for many years. You can choose a color scheme based on personal preference. Or you can go with one that matches the furnishings. You can also select a scheme based on the echo coloring theory.

Echo Coloring

What Is the Echo Coloring Theory?

Echo coloring is a color scheme consisting of two to four similar hues differing only in shade. Essentially, you stick to these colors for the entire room. Since the colors are similar, they create a seamless transition, or echo-like effect for the eyes.

The echo coloring theory has become a popular trend in many residential painting projects. It is more or less the same as a tone-on-tone color scheme. Echo coloring, however, refers to the project as a whole. It also includes the finishing touches, such as adding additional decor to complement the completed work.

Echo coloring also differs in the following: the colors used do not have to be of the same pigment as long as they contain a trace of the original hue. In other words, if you select blue, other selected colors can include green, gray, or even white as long as those colors contain some degree of blue in the mixture.

What We Recommend

Use echo coloring for the walls and any woodwork, such as the railings or crown moldings. This produces a monochromatic effect that exudes a soothing vibe. If you feel echo coloring doesn’t provide enough contrast, then introduce color varieties through decor. This may include artwork for the walls, or ceramics for the floating shelves. The upholstery can come into play as well, especially if you place the furniture against the painted areas.

We’ll Select the Best Color Combination

We have implemented this type of color scheme for both residential and commercial painting projects. We have even used it in conjunction with idea painting. Contact Suburban Painting Services for a consultation to see how echo coloring can be used to renovate your home.

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