Add Life to Your Home by Painting the Floor

Painting the Floor│ Everett │ Suburban Painting ServicesResidential painting is not just limited to the walls and ceiling. Most homeowners never think about painting the floor as a viable renovation idea. We tackle floor painting quite often and can recommend color and design ideas. With the obvious exception of the carpet, all floor types can be painted.

Floor Types

  • Wood—Some homeowners opt to paint their wooden floors since it’s more cost-effective than having the entire surface refinished.
  • Concrete—concrete has a cold and industrial feel. A colorful paint job gives it a warmer and cozier feel. Our commercial painters have painted warehouse floors to make the work environment feel more welcoming and less industrial.
  • Tile—homeowners may paint the kitchen or bathroom floor as part of a bigger remodeling project.

Floor Designs

Most homeowners go for a uniform neutral color or a tone-on-tone color to closely match the walls. You can also add a bit more creativity with these ideas:

  • Stripes—stripes have an optical effect of making the floor appear more spacious. Choose wide stripes or mix it up with stripes of different lengths. Switch between neutral and bold colors for a bigger contrast or play it safe with a tone-on-tone scheme.
  • Diamonds—A diamond design works well for kitchens and bathrooms. You can select a single large diamond that encompasses the entire space or utilize a checkerboard design.
  • Stencils—use a stencil to create a particular type of pattern
  • Idea paint—Idea paint is typically for the wall, but we have had homeowners request it for the floor. Some people prefer examining their written ideas on the floor rather than at eye level. This is also suitable for pre-schools and daycare centers.

We’ll Paint Your Floor

Suburban Painting Services will paint your floor much the same way we tackle walls and ceilings. Contact us if your home remodeling plan includes a new coat of paint for the floor.

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