Best Colors for Painting a Mudroom

painting a mudroomThe mudroom may simply be the entryway, or it may be a completely separate section of the house. In any case, it’s an area designated for storing your shoes, umbrellas, or other items you might want to grab before walking out the door. The colors for painting a mudroom should consist of hues that create a warm and inviting ambiance.

For the Ceilings and Walls

We recommend light colors. Any shade of white will actually work well here. This gives the small area a more spacious and clean appearance. This is a big advantage since mudrooms can easily become cluttered with dirty shoes and clothing. Blue tints and creamy hues are some other good options. We also recommend that you use high-gloss or varnish paint finishes, because these hold up well to repeated cleanings and scrubbings.

The mudroom, by the way, is also the perfect area for idea paint, especially the wall with the door. Scribble a quick note or “xoxo” message before heading out.

For the Furnishings

Most mudrooms have small cabinetry, wooden lockers, built-in shelves, or cubbies. You have a bit more leeway here if you choose to paint these storage components. Subtle tone-on-tone colors, such as gray, gold, or blue schemes help create some contrast without overwhelming the petite area.

On the other hand, our residential painters may also recommend more bold and playful colors. This is often the case for homes with multiple small children. Consider different designs, such as giving each cubby door or raincoat hook a different color, or plastering colorful wallpaper over a wooden locker door.

Bring Life to the Mudroom with a New Paint Color

Our commercial painters have also painted mudrooms for certain businesses, such as home-style bed and breakfast houses, daycares, and spas. Give Suburban Painting Services a call for painting your mudroom with a new color.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

Interior Painting for Mudrooms and Entryways

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