4 Paint Colors for a Child’s Bedroom

Child’s bedroom paint colorsThe typical blue paint for a boy’s bedroom and pink a for a girl’s is an outdated concept. By all means go ahead and use those colors if you prefer. However, we believe paint colors for a child’s bedroom should be a reflection of the child’s personality. Our interior painters rounded up these ideas based on some of our previous clients’ requests.

1. Use Neutral Colors

Gender colors like blue and pink are a bit too bold and intense for some parents. This is why neutral hues like white, gray, and light beige work well. If you wish to add some color variety, then use brightly colored bedding, drapes, décor, or even your child’s artwork to add some contrast.

2. Designate an Accent Wall

Incorporate an accent wall if you’re looking for a middle ground between bold and neutral colors. Use a daring color or even let your child choose a desired color for the accent wall. Some of our client’s children have selected unconventional colors like purple or neon green. The other three walls, of course, remain a neutral hue.

3. Use Tone-on-Tone Stripes

Tone-on-tone refers to different shades of the same color. Use this to create a horizontal or vertical striped painting scheme for the accent or for all four walls.

4. Use Idea Paint

Children love crayons. They also love to doodle. Unfortunately, some little ones see the wall as a giant canvas for expressing their developing creativity. This is why we advocate using idea paint. This allows your kids to freely mark up the walls using child-friendly dry erase markers.

We’ll Recommend an Ideal Paint Color for a Child’s Bedroom

Start 2017 by contacting Suburban Painting Services. We can examine the room and recommend a color based on the room layout. Our paint color ideas for a child’s bedroom also extend to commercial painting for places such as daycare centers.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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