Should You Paint Over Mold?

painting over moldThere appears to be a prevailing belief that mold will somehow go away if you paint over it. Here’s the simple fact: painting over mold does NOT kill it or prevent it from spreading. You should postpone all interior painting projects until you resolve all mold issues.

Why Painting Over Mold Is a Bad Idea

Painting over mold does not kill it. It will just grow back through the paint within a short period of time. In addition, the paint may also make it harder to spot the spread of the fungus.

Some of our clients have also enquired about mold resistant paint. Here’s what we have to say about it: mold resistant paint does NOT kill mold. All it does is prevent its growth on a clean surface. It does nothing to address pre-existing mold. There is no such thing as paint that kills mold on contact.

What to Do

Before painting, remove mold using antimicrobial cleanser. Another option is to apply mold sealant. This creates a barrier that encapsulates the mold, preventing it from spreading. This creates a smooth and mold-free surface that you can safely paint.

Keep in mind, though, that antimicrobial cleanser and mold sealant may not be 100% effective on porous surfaces with an existing mold problem. This includes surfaces like wood, brick, and concrete.

Due to the health hazards presented by mold, we recommend contacting a professional before attempting any DIY fixes. Our commercial painters especially recommend professional mold removal for businesses. Simply painting over mold may be in violation of safety guidelines.

We’ll Paint Mold-Free Surfaces

Contact Suburban Painting Services and check out our special offers. If you are scheduling a renovation, please be sure to address all mold and mildew issues beforehand. Painting over mold is ineffective.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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