How to Correctly Experiment with Color Samples

Color SamplesPeople often rely on color swatches alone when deciding on a color for their interior painting project. This is inadequate since it doesn’t give you an accurate representation of how the color will actually appear against your wall. Painting a small sample on the wall is also ineffective. There is a special method we recommend for trying out color samples.

The Wrong Way to Use Color Samples

Let us explain why applying a small sample on the wall is a bad idea. The small sample painted on the wall is a very thin layer with rough edges. It doesn’t represent how the finished quality will turn out. In addition, the spot where you applied the sample may be a difficult color to cover, especially if it’s a darker color. It may take several coats to completely conceal it.

The Right Way

Here’s what we recommend and often do ourselves when taking on residential and commercial painting projects. Take an index card that’s roughly the same shade as the color of the wall and paint the sample color on it. Tape the index card to the wall and take a step back to have a look.

Apply two full coats to the card. We also recommend using multiple index cards, each with a color you’re considering and placing them on the wall side-by-side.

The eye loves clean-cut corners, which an index card provides. This helps the eyes compare the color to the backdrop of the wall. This prevents the rough edges of a sample painted directly over the wall, which the eye finds off-putting.

We’ll Help You Determine a Color

Contact Suburban Painting Services to schedule an appointment and take advantage of our special offers. Our experienced painters will help you decide on a color if you’re undecided. The number of color samples are numerous, and we can make recommendations that complement your home’s backdrop.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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